Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Forgiving by Sis Linda Delgado


What you said hurt me
I responded in anger
You meant to say you were sorry
You didn’t
I meant to forgive you
I didn’t.

What you did was so very wrong
I responded with harsh judgment
You meant to make amends
You didn’t
I meant to be more understanding
I wasn’t.

You meant to call or write
I waited hoping to hear from you
You got busy with life
You forgot
I meant to try again; to call or write
I didn’t.


You said, “I might try to change and do better.”
I said, “I won’t budge until I see your sorrow.”
You said, “There is always tomorrow.”
I said, “I will forgive on your tomorrow.
Our tomorrow never came
One of us died.


There is today.
Don’t hold on to yesterday.
Don’t count on tomorrow.
It may not come
You have today
Don’t let love and hope slip away.

p/s : here's a nice one i found from the link that timah gave me. it's from sis linda. a Muslin author from US.